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Get Started

Setup Steps

1) Install the Python Package

python3 -m pip install copyaid

2) Sign Up for the OpenAI API

If you do not already have an OpenAI account, sign up at

3) Set Up Your OpenAI API Key

To create an API key, visit

OpenAI recommends exporting your API key as an environment variable named OPENAI_API_KEY. For instructions, see the OpenAI documentation.

Alternatively, you can reference your OpenAI API key from a personalized copyaid.toml configuration file. To learn how, consult the reference.

4) Quick Test

To ensure CopyAid is installed correctly, run:

copyaid --help

The output should begin with:

usage: copyaid [-h] [-c <config>] [-d <dest>] <task> <source> [<source> ...]

To verify that your OpenAI API access is working, perform the following test:

echo "Sofware dokumentashon are helpfull." >
copyaid stomp
# Expected output:
#   OpenAI request for
#   Saving to /tmp/copyaid
# The file should now contain:
#   Software documentation is helpful.


You are now ready to perform copyediting tasks on your own source text files. Read the Tasks page to learn how.


Make sure to use copybreaks and/or ensure that your document consists of small text source files.