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Costs of Using the OpenAI API

OpenAI API pricing operates on a "pay for what you use" basis, rather than a fixed monthly plan. The cost of using CopyAid primarily depends on the amount of

  • text in your source text files, or
  • text enabled by copybreaks inserted into your source text files.

The default request settings (as of version 0.7) use the GPT-4 Turbo model gpt-4-0125-preview. You can expect to spend approximately $0.04 per thousand words using GPT-4 Turbo.

As of early 2024, CopyAid will send entire files in the absence of any copybreak lines. To save money and achieve better copyediting performance, use copybreak lines and/or divide large files into smaller ones, such as by using the \input macro in LaTeX.

Alternatively, you may opt for the cheaper GPT-3 Turbo model, as demonstrated by this example request settings file. However, copyediting with GPT-3 will likely result in lower quality, and changes in the request text can lead to surprising and unpredictable drops in response quality. The cost is around $0.005 per thousand words using GPT-3.

For more details on API pricing, visit the OpenAI Pricing page. Note that CopyAid will incur the input cost of sending the source text plus the ouput cost of any revision text, if edits are made.